Indigency test

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Taking into consideration recent surveys on the amount needed by an average Filipino family to (a) buy its “food consumption basket” and (b) pay for its household and personal expenses, the following applicant shall be considered as an indigent person:

1)   If residing in Metro Manila, whose net income* does not exceed Php14,000 a month; 

2)   If residing in other cities, whose net income does not exceed Php13,000 a month;

purchase prozac online 30px;”>3)   If residing in other places, whose net income does not exceed Php 12,000 a month.

*net income – means less the statutory or mandatory deductions such as withholding taxes, GSIS, SSS, etc.

Ownership of land is not necessarily a ground for disqualification. The determinative factor for indigency is the income of the litigant and not his ownership of real property. (Juan Enaje vs. Victorio Ramos, et al. (G.R. No. L-22109, January 30, 1970)

To prove one’s indigency, the following are required to be submitted:

1)   Affidavit of Indigency

2)   Latest Income Tax Return or pay slip or other proofs of income;

3)   Certificate of Indigency:

a)  from the DSWD, its local District Office, or the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office having jurisdiction over the residence of the applicant; or

buy pills online with no prescription justify; padding-left: 60px;”>b)   from the Barangay Chairman having jurisdiction over the residence of the applicant.


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