Abandonment, aberratio ictus, abuse of rights, accession, accessory, accretion, admission… amicus curiae

Band, bareboat charter, bargaining unit, borrowing statute, bill of lading, builder in good faith… burden of proof

Capital offense, carnapping, caso fortuito, cause of action, certiorari,  class suit, compulsory heir… conspiracy

Damages, deceit, demurrer to evidence, domicile, donation, double jeopardy, due process…. dying declaration

Easement, ejectment, eminent domain, encumbrance, equipoise rule, equitable mortgage, estoppel… evidence

Falsification, family home, fencing, filiation, floating status, forum shopping, franchise, fraud… freedom period

Garnishment, general welfare clause, good faith, government agency, grave abuse of discretion… guaranty

Habeas corpus, hearing, hearsay evidence, heinous crime, heir, hold over status, holder… holder in due course

Ignominy, ill-gotten wealth, illegal recruitment, immovable, inheritance, injunction, injury, insurance… in transitu

Judgment, judgment on the pleadings, judicial notice, jus gestiones, just compensation… justiciable controversy

Kidnapping, kin

Labor, laches, last clear chance, leading question, legitime, letter of credit, levy, libel, lis pendens… locus standi

Machinery, malversation, mandamus, marriage, ministerial, moot and academic, moral torpitude… mortgage

Necessary implication, necessary party, negative pregnant, negligence, noscitur a sociis, notarization… nuisance

Obfuscation, obligation, obiter dictum, offense, offer, omnibus motion rule, onus probandi, option… overt act

Pacto de retro, partition, person in authority, plain view doctrine, plea bargaining, pleading, possession… pledge

Quantum meruit, quasi-contract, quasi-delict, quasi-judicial, quieting of title,  quitclaim, quorum… quo warranto

Rape, rebus sic stantibus, recidivist, reckless imprudence, redemptioner, redundancy, reiteracionretrenchment

Search warrant, seduction, self-defense, stateless, stare decisis, statute of frauds, subrogation… succession

Taking, tax credit, tender, terceria, term of office, theft, trademark, transshipment, treachery… trust fund doctrine

Ultra vires act, undue influence, unfair competition, union security, unjust enrichment… unlawful aggression

Value added tax, vessel, vested right, vicarious liability, voluntary arbitration…  voting trust agreement

Wage, wage distortion, waiver, withholding tax, writ of preliminary attachment… writ of possession